Preparing for Tribulation

Preparing for what the bible calls the "Great Tribulation" involves not only spiritual preparation, but mental and natural through planning. The reference of the "Great Tribulation" is found in Matthew 24:21 "For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be". It speaks of the condition of the world, its system, the people therein, and the calamities affecting every aspect of life as we know it. What should we do to prepare or should we prepare at all? Jesus share this information with his followers so that we won't be taken off guard and be prepared. This section will focus on the literal aspects of preparation: food and water storage, supplies, and any other information that will be useful and helpful to assist in emergency readiness. Check out the Facebook page for ongoing discussion of strategy and methods to conserve:

Let's start with the basics....

1. Organizing/Planning: Come up with a plan. There are many websites you can reference as a guide. Consider purchasing or creating an organizer. The organizer should contain an emergency plan, important documents (id, passport, ss, birth cert, insurance, cash), and any other pertinent information. Go to for Life Planner $119.95. Begin creating or finding a good place to store food & water & other supplies. Research the best methods of storing and rotating supplies. 

2. Get an American Red Cross First Aid and Emergency Preparedness Quick Reference Guide $8.00. Go to

3. Create or buy a medical emergency supply kit similar to Costco’s for $99, go to or get a transportable one. 

4. Considering purchasing a CB Radio, Swiss Knife, rifle for hunting, fishing rod, water purification tablets and etc. Include in your supplies all weather clothing and/or clothing that is water resistant.

See video below for further instructions on how to begin your preparation.


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