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Spreadingtruthministry.com has been in operation since the Summer of 2009, sharing the Gospel online and via social media and is now preaching offline. Bible Study & Worship is on Saturdays online on Facebook "Live". Follow STM on all social media such Instagram, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Gmail and website. 

The purpose of this site is to share the truth which is God's word aka the Bible, and this is done freely and from the heart. Feel free to explore the website by clicking the menu tabs above. If you need prayer or have any questions, send a request and we'll respond as soon as possible. It doesn't matter what you've done; God can meet you right where you are. 

Please don't allow your present or past to discourage you from learning more about Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you, died for all, and rose on the 3rd day with all power in his hands.  Glory Hallelujah! Now is the acceptable time to receive salvation. Receive Jesus Christ into your heart today! 

Also, If you have any suggestions regarding blog topics, lessons or media let us know and we'll be happy to accommodate. God bless and keep you,  you are in my prayers.


Prophetess K. Capers-Diaz


Founder's Current BIO

Kesha Capers was born in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, and raised in South Bend, Indiana. She currently resides in New York State. She was raised Baptist with a Church of God in Christ (COGIC) and Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) influence from both her mother and stepmom. However, in 1993, Kesha finally accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as her personal savior and was filled with the Holy Ghost a few weeks later. Her grandmother (The Late Elder Gloria Tillman), mother (Elder Davene Smith), and stepmother (Pastor Elaine Capers) were very influential as examples of praying and anointed women of God. Months later, she was baptized in Jesus' name and eventually joined a Hebrew Pentecostal church, a 7th Day Sabbath Keeping Organization. It wasn’t long until she became a missionary and accepted the call to ministry. Sister Kesha preached her initial sermon in October 1997. Her pastor during that time was Bishop (Apostle) Best in Cleveland, Ohio. Several years later, she got married and received her license to preach under the leadership of her then-husband, Pastor Elder (Bishop) Robert Diaz. During the marriage, she became the mother of two handsome boys (Reuben & Kaleb).


During Minister Diaz’s tenure with the House of God organization, she held many positions such as youth leader, missionary, auxiliary president, steward, minister, NYS Prayer Warrior, Sabbath School teacher, first lady, and Superintendent of Sabbath School (local, state, and district). She also assisted her then-husband as co-founder of the Newburgh church in 2003. After almost nine years of a volatile marriage, the marriage was dissolved and with God’s leading, she stepped out on faith and launch out into the deep.


After Minister Kesha’s departure, she was called by God to start an online ministry. Out of obedience, she launched Spreading Truth Ministry online in 2009, via the website and social media. Years later it was confirmed, by Overseer Jeffrey Knight, that she was called to be a prophet and was later ordained. After the confirmation, she sought prophetic mentorship and was led to Prophet Joe Savage for guidance. In 2017, Spreading Truth Ministry was expanded to Spreading Truth Ministry-House of God & Prayer for All People offline and Spreading Truth Ministry International online under her current covering Apostle Dr. Joe N. Savage Jr. of Breath of Life Deliverance Ministries in 2017 and ordained a prophetess in 2018. Despite all the many roles and responsibilities, Prophetess Dr. Kesha Capers Diaz yet remains a servant.


Lastly, Dr. Kesha’s personal accomplishments also include: teacher, Bachelor’s in History from Baldwin Wallace University, Master’s and Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Argosy University Online, Certification in Life Coaching, Certification in Christian Counselor, Certification as a Prepare-Enrich Pre & Post Marital Facilitator, Founder & CEO of Mentors 4 Mentees LLC changed to Impacting Mindsets Global, IMGLOBAL, IMGlobal Dating (website), Inspiring Amazing Minds (non-profit), Founder of the Divorce & Deliverance Conference, and author of Celibacy in the City. To God be the glory, great things he has done!

                                                        Updated, August 19, 2018

By the grace and mercy of God, Kesha Monique Capers gave her life to Jesus Christ on January 2, 1993, at the age of 21. On that day, God introduced his: 7th Day Sabbath, laws, commandments, judgments, and statutes through the House of God, Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, House of Prayer for all People INC., International (HOG). The HOG church was organized by Bishop R.A.R. Johnson in 1914 and incorporated in 1918. The Lord sent her to one of the affiliate churches located in Cleveland, OH under the leadership of (Then) Bishop Steven L. Best. Before her conversion, she was a Baptist with some exposure to the C.O.G.I.C faith and influenced by her grandmother, Elder Gloria Tillman and Mother Estella Boyd's ministry. Weeks later she joined the House of God Temple #2 on 79th Street, and six days later received the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. (Then) Sister Capers was baptized or immersed in water in the name of Jesus Christ several months later. During her time in Cleveland, OH, God graced her to volunteer with several auxiliaries such as the Missionary Department, Nurses Guild, Usher Board, YPU, choir, worship team, and Sabbath School. God also called her to teach the youth, Classes 2 & 3. She also received a Missionary Certificate in 1995 and acknowledged the calling to preach the gospel. The commission to preach the Gospel was confirmed two years later. Missionary Capers received a confirmation through a prophetess to do the work of an evangelist, and the Lord spoke after a three day fast. She preached her introductory sermon in 1997. After the trial sermon, Her pastor Bishop Best made her a Steward/Deacon and began to train her, among others, under his tutelage in ministry. In 2001, Steward Kesha Capers finished college and married Pastor & State Superintendent Diaz from NYC and moved to New York. They started the ministry in the Bronx, moved it to New Rochelle, and then upstate New York. The church was finally established in Newburgh, NY. The couple eventually had two children and purchased several properties to further the gospel and build God a house. With her husband, she held several leadership roles such as presiding minister, Sabbath Superintendent, and teacher. During the annual General Assembly of the House of God, Steward Capers-Diaz was examined and licensed as a minister in 2007. In addition to Bible Study and Sabbath School, Minister Caper-Diaz also thought it was important to be academically strong and trained in the area of education. Therefore, she went back to school and completed her Master's in Educational Leadership in 2009. That same year, Minister Diaz was also a recipient of the Bishop R.C. Woods Award for her faithfulness in the Lord's house. After a major life transition and dissolution, the Lord later spoke concerning the launch of an online ministry; this was the inception of Spreading Truth Ministry. Shortly after, he began to deal with her regarding the prophetic call that was in her life. God sent seasoned prophets to confirm the office. Apostle Overseer-Prophet Knight laid hands on her during a Friday night service unexpectedly in 2011 in consecration, and Apostle Savage mentors her progress. Also, Prophetess Capers-Diaz was/is used by God to assist many ministries in and out of the HOG fellowship in the interim. She also received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership in 2015 and was admonished to establish a work offline and strengthen other ministries. The initial vision was given in 2014 to begin ministry offline, and the work is in progress. After years of ministry, Dr. Diaz still has a strong desire to share the gospel. Her experience has given her the wisdom, knowledge, compassion, patience, and zeal to continue sharing and caring. During her tenure, she labored as an usher, choir member, nurse, licensed missionary, Jr. Church AP, teacher, Steward, local minister, presiding minister, First Lady, unofficial assistant pastor, evangelist, and president of many auxiliaries including choir, prayer warriors, administrator, State Deacon Board President, Superintendent of Sabbath Schools (local, state, and district), a prophetess, and Founder. Regardless of all the many roles, Dr. Kesha Capers-Diaz has performed in the furtherance of the Gospel and the Kingdom of God; she remains a servant.

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