Maximizing Your Time in Prayer

Original Post on MARCH 17, 2017

How do we maximize our time in prayer? First, we need to acknowledge why we're not getting the most out of our prayer experience. One of the problems we face is nondisclosure. Nondisclosure is the failure to reveal or disclosure and bring about revelation, this is nonproductive, and it will keep you in cycles of discontentment. It is a manifestation of bondage.

Therefore, we stay bound in our situations longer than necessary because of fear, embarrassment, pride, and betrayal. Until we learn the art of being candid to get healed, the enemy will continue to have a stronghold in our lives. He loves darkness and secrets, so expose and oppose him with light or truth.

In the latter part of Philippians 4:6, it is clear that we are to let our requests be made known unto God. God will not always reveal our specific circumstance(s) to intercessors, so it's our responsibility to articulate it. Making your supplication known is a form of exercising faith. Faith is what motivated you to come on the line, now take it a step further and make your petition known to God. Stop wasting your time listening to generalizations and being frustrated with the lack of results, when you can make it plain, and we can hit the target directly in prayer, this pertains to one to one prayer, online, conference calls, or at church.

Here are other tips to help you maximize your time:

1. Utilize the inbox or send a private email request with the words confidential on it, ministries are obligated to protect your privacy. IF there is a group of people on a prayer line, then no one will know or be led to go to someone you trust.

2. Be in agreement while prayer is going on by quietly saying: in the name of Jesus, heal Lord, deliver, make the way, pray in Spirit, or Father, do it for your namesake and your glory, etc. Interact until it's your time to pray. Some lines prefer to mute people and others like to hear the agreement because it fuels the fire. I prefer to unmute but respect the request of the moderator.

3. Lay the ground work before the intercession begins such as personally *confessing, *repenting, *denouncing and setting the atmosphere. *It's important to do it before you pray for others. However, worship, praise, and thanksgiving are totally acceptable practices while engaging in prayer.

4. Take the competition out of it! Everyone is an individual, so we expect diversity especially with the gifts of the Spirit. Don't compare yourself. The job of the moderator is to make people feel comfortable and allow for room to grow. It's not in how many words you say or the use of SAT words as you pray, it's being Spirit led and sincere.

5. Be courteous. Ask people would they like to participate but don't force them. If you have a prayer line where people are allowed to pray, then make allowance. If they are not comfortable, then respect their choice. If you are one of many intercessors be considerate, then the moderator should specify the time.

6. Prophecy during prayer is common especially if you have a prophet or prophetess on the line. However, the Spirit of prophecy can move on anyone whether you are a prophet or not. When prophecy comes forth by way of tongues, there must be an interpretation. All prophecies will be judged according to the scriptures. During prayer, don't be surprised if God decides to respond back, it is something we should hope and desire.

7. The Word of Knowledge or Word of Wisdom may be stirred up on the line, and this is common. These are Gifts of the Spirit, not prophecy. It should be judged. If someone is off, just kindly confirm or deny.

8. Come on the line with a level of expectancy. According to your faith be it unto you. If you're coming on the line in the wrong spirit or with the wrong intentions, it will be discerned and dealt with in prayer. If you are coming on the line judging, spectating or spying, you're out of order, and it will be handled in prayer. However, if you come with faith and with a mind to pray, you will experience wonderful things. God will be in the midst of the two or three, so don't confuse favor with numbers.

9. Don't rush in out of his presence. Our prayer time is usually an hour well spent in prayer. However, if the Lord leads for more, we will respond appropriately. If you can't continue, just quietly remove yourself from the line. We understand, go in peace.

10. Share your experience. The more, the better because one chase a thousand, and two put ten thousand to flight. There is power in unity, and we need to come together in agreement. However, the variety in prayer times and different ministries that offer prayer can make it hard for people to choose. I encourage you to support your local church first and if you're free to join another, be Spirit led. Not all prayer lines are of God, so be prayerful and cautious.

May the Lord bless and maximize your time spent in prayer.